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What You'll Get From Chic Collab
Create your collab for free in 2 minutes without selling a product
Create your collab quickly for free by selling or gifting a review, a shoutout, or a campaign... and also get access to our collabs
Get approved instantly with no minimum followers required
The easiest process ever: Create or receive collabs even when you don't have a following and get approved on the spot
Make money, get noticed, and collab with amazing brands & influencers
Grow your income, gain exposure, and create amazing content to take your social media to the next level
Who Is Chic Collab For?
Brand ambassadors
For brand ambassadors looking to build their brand and online authority while promoting brands they love
For influencers looking to build their empire, monetize their account, and create amazing content with fabulous collabs
New in social media?
If you are looking to become an ambassador or influencer, but you don't know where to start, you are at the right place
Make Money & Get Amazing Collabs
Get exposure to the right audience
Get the right audience to buy, notice, engage, and collab with you in an organic way 
Make money instantly in one click
Make money instantly and constantly grow your income
Grow your brand authority & build your empire
Live doing what you love. Go viral and receive 24/7 promotion on all channels
Collab with amazing brands & influencers
Brands and influencers will find you automatically and buy without you chasing them
Earn new income streams without spending money 
You spend ZERO dollars and do not invest in ads while building new, highly-profitable revenue streams
Get amazing content & grow your following 
You'll get awesome, ready-to-use content  for your social media on a daily basis
How It Works
1. Create your collab in minutes 
2. Your collab is added into our platform and marketplace
3. Make money and get a collab within a few hours 
4. Build your empire and brand instantly
What Collabs Can You Sell?
Sell a Product or a Service
You can sell new or used products and get a collab with amazing influencers and brands. You can also sell  services based on your skills for a collab
Sell a Review
You can review your favorite products or brands and in return get a top collab from influencers/brands to grow your online authority and brand instantly
Sell a Shoutout
You have 5 minutes? Simply sell a shoutout of a brand or influencer on your social media to collab and attract your perfect audience on the spot
There is much more you can sell inside...
The New Collabs Way
1. Free & fabulous collabs added daily 
On top of creating your collab, you'll also access free and fabulous collabs from brands & influencers who are added daily
2. Create and get collabs now with instant approval
Add your collab, be instantly approved without an application, and collab within a few hours
3. For all levels
You can create a collab or get a collab from brands or influencers with no minimum amount of followers required, even if you are just starting out
  • From Oriane du Crest
  • Miami, FL
  • oriane_du_crest
Meet Our Founder
After being a consultant for over 6 years and helping hundreds of clients scale their business, become influencers, build their brands, and much more...

I know the struggle that comes with building a sustainable brand and getting your audience to notice you. Believe me, I have seen it all!!!

Now here is the secret...

You don't need a large following or an email list to get amazing results online.

What you need is to know your audience better than anyone else out there. You need to be present and build credibility. You need people to pay attention to you to get to your goals, which is where most people fail.

That is why I created Chic Collab...

The goal of Chic Collab is to help women build their online empire, become an authority figure, highly monetize their accounts, and grow a sustainable income via a unique and intuitive collab marketplace. We use the power of collabs in an efficient way you have never seen before. Chic Collab highly benefits brands, influencers, ambassadors, and entrepreneurs looking to build their online authority and grow very quickly.
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